The N-Land Pacific Organization
We do not have officers; however, we recognize the founding members as having a “guiding voice” in organizational matters. We do not collect dues, although members on a voluntary basis may contribute to the transportation costs of modules to and from shows. We operate by majority rule regarding which shows to participate and other group issues.
Breakfast Meetings
We have a monthly breakfast meeting on the 1st Saturday of each month, starting at 8 AM and usually lasting until 9:30 or 10:00 AM. However, on special occasions that meeting can shift to the 2nd Saturday. Normal breakfast meetings are held at a pre-determined location. When a workshop is scheduled after breakfast meetings, we meet at the Corky's - Upland on Mountain Ave. in Upland.
Becoming A Member
All members must at 18 years or older.

If you are considering membership in N-Land Pacific (NLP), please contact a group member or to learn more about the club, Free-moN and NLP standards. Ask a group member for the date and location of the next breakfast meeting; everyone is welcome to attend breakfast meetings and/or workshops. It is strongly suggested that you attend several breakfast meetings and/or workshops to determine if NLP is a good fit for you.

If you feel comfortable with Free-moN and NLP standards and believe you can benefit as a member and can contribute to the club, you will be sincerely welcomed as a Guest at group events. Group events include but are not limited to: participation at workshops, setups and/or tear-downs where a layout will be operated.

After participating as a Guest, you are expected to design and construct an acceptable Free-moN module to “operational readiness” within 9-to-12 months of one’s initial guest membership date. The NLP group will assist in this process, if requested. Prospective members are expected to provide their own throttles, locomotives and rolling stock. Each of these items must be in good operational condition per NLP’s Operational Guidelines.

Membership follows after the construction of an acceptable module and participation in the NLP Yahoo group.
Member Expectations
  1. Each member is responsible for the building, maintenance, storage and transportation of his/her module(s).

  2. Participation in group events is required on a reasonable frequency.

  3. Subscription to the N-Land Pacific Yahoo group is required, as this is the method used for general group communications.

  4. Construction and scenery shall conform to established NLP Standards and Recommendations.

  5. Each member must be able to operate using Digitrax DCC, at least at an entry level and own a Digitrax throttle.

  6. Attendance and participation at events/meetings is required at least 75% of the time. At least one day of the (weekend) event, either setup or tear-down, should meet this attendance/participation expectation.

  7. Train operation privileges during an event would require at least assistance in setup or tear-down.

  8. Under normal circumstances, we meet at the show venue and begin the setup process on a Friday morning (this can vary with different venues/events). Tear-down occurs on Sunday evening, approx. 5 pm. All members are expected to participate in either the setup or tear-down process.

  9. NLP has uniform logo-branded t-shirts for use at all of our public events. It is desired that new members acquire the t-shirts and wear them when they are operating on the club layout. Shirt costs are nominal and paid for by each member.

Exceptions, limitations and extenuating circumstances do apply.